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After a careful evaluation to properly diagnose your condition and to investigate the possibility of associated disorders, individual treatment regimens are formulated.

Treatments offered at Vitiligo Treatment Center of South Florida:

1. Topical Corticosteroid Creams - These may cause repigmentation of localized areas of pigment loss, but are less effective when large areas of skin are involved.

2. Topical Immunomodulators Creams - Protopic and Elidel, cause regimentation in some cases. These creams require several months of use and are often in combination with phototherapy.

3. Narrowband Ultraviolet B Phototherapy - These treatments involve exposing the skin to special ultraviolet light bulbs and can be extremely effective in reversing the disease. Typically, total repigmentation takes many months of continuous therapy.

4. Excimer Laser Therapy - This newer technique of delivering ultraviolet energy to the skin via a laser, has been a major advance in treatment. It allows direct treatment to involved areas, sparing normal skin from exposure.

5. PUVA - This form of phototherapy involves taking an oral medication prior to exposure to ultraviolet A. While this treatment has been used effectively in the past, it is now recommended less often because of the long term risks of skin cancer associated with its use.

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